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“The Toilet No 1 Project” or just another X-mas story…

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Toilet No 1 Brey.jpgThis is our personal X-mas story. It is about a toilet. Toilet No 1.

Toilet No 1 is situated in the village of Brei, in the Banteay Srei district in Cambodia, in the hinterland of the famous Angkor temples. There was no toilet in Brei before, the people of Brei went to the jungle if they needed to. The elderly people still do, because they are a bit afraid of this new toilet. But the kids think it is fun. And there are many kids in the village of Brei…

Toilet No 1 was built as part of a donation we made via the Shinta Mani Community Project, along with four water wells, seeds, and gifts of rice and fish sauce. Breeding pigs, bicycles and sewing machines will follow, once the receiving families have reached the first goals set by the project.

Toilet No 1 and the other donations are our Christmas gift – from our families and friends, to us, but above all to the families of Brei and Khnar. During our recent trip to South East Asia, we had the chance to visit the Shinta Mani Project, and together with Sour Vong, the local project leader, meet the families who can profit of our donations. This is probably the most sustainable Christmas gift we ever got, and gave. Many many thanks to Madlen & Roland, Vreni & Berni, Baschi, Hannah, Claudia & Heiner, Martin & Romana, Anne, Jenny, Peter & Tim, Olivier, Andrea & Thomas, but also to Chitra and Sour Vong of Shinta Mani for making this possible! I’m already thinking about the next occasion to collect further donations..

Check out this link for pictures of our visit, and my website with more info on the project.

Happy Christmas, Bantey Srei

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My biggest ever Christmas present is getting real! The combined donations of our families and friends instead of Christmas presents, plus some addition from my part, summed up to 1742$!!! Thank you, dear families & friends, for this generous present!
After transferring the sum to Chitra at Shinta Mani, in Cambodia, I got the great news back: The village of Bantey Srei, consisting of 10 families, and close to the famous “women’s temple” with the same name, will get our donations:

  • 4 water wells, to bring clean ground water to all families
  • 4 sewing machines, to let some women make money by selling clothes
  • 4 bicycles, to bring goods to the market, or kids to school
  • 4 packages of food for a family for a month
  • 4 piglets, to feed up and sell
  • 17 school uniforms, allowing 17 kids to visit school for a year
  • and, last but not least: 2 toilets, one for men and one for women

Chitra’s suggestion to use the “cash” I added for toilets sounded strange to me, first. It’s not what you’d expect to donate for. But so far, there has been no toilet in the Bantey Srei village. This may well be one of the most sustaining parts of the donations.
Chitra is now organizing for the things to be built and purchased. We’ll be visiting Bantey Srei during our holidays in Cambodia, in December. I’m looking forward to see my Christmas present!!!

My 1000$ xmas gift!

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Instead of xmas gifts, I asked my family & close friends for something else, this year – for a very early Christmas! And their donations just reached 1000$!!!

Their donations will be used to support a village in Cambodia, where we will spend a few days during our vacation in December. Through the community programme of Shinta Mani Hotel in Siem Reap (Angkor) we can support families with wells, “live piggy banks”, bicycles, sewing machines, school uniforms etc.
Makes more sense and and will maybe give even more lasting joy than x-mas gifts.

Hiking? Me???

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Rosenlaui Schlucht Meiringen Rosenlaui.jpg

Thanks to Aliza, my friend from the Kalahari, I’ve been to the mountains again, visiting the Rosenlaui valley near Meiringen in the Bernese Alps! I admit that I’ve probably seen more places in her home country South Africa than in my home country Switzerland – but still: HIKING?
Here are my findings:

  1. The 3 hr hike (or rather walk) from Meiringen (or rather from the Reichenbachfall cablecar) past the Reichenbach waterfall to the Rosenlaui Schlucht (gorge) was indeed beautiful.
  2. I am getting old. Luckily I had my camera with me, so I could stop to take pics and breathe.
  3. There are still cows with horns left in Switzerland. What a relief!
  4. This is the first time (ever) I saw wild meadow saffron. Autumn has come.
  5. It is really true that Swiss Postautos (post busses) reach even the remotest of places here. Luckily.

Dori Caspi’s site about Himba

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Himba Woman - Dori CaspiI started to write my travel diary because I liked reading similar pages. But now I like it because I get in contact with complete strangers who share similar passions – like travelling. Dori Caspi is one of them. Being a passionate photographer AND being in love with a Himba family in Northwestern Namibia, he created a beautiful page with even more beautiful photograps. Check out!

Meerkat Manor episode II – South Africa, Kuruman River Resort

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Whiskers meerkats I just learnt that there will be a second episode of Meerkat Manor, an Animal Planet soap starring the Whiskers meerkats of Kuruman River Reserve! I missed the first episode in September 2005 since I was still in Namibia – so keep fingers crossed that they bring it out on DVD… Episode 2 will probably be released in Sept 2006. I wonder how the film crew succeeds in bringing the main characters of episode 1 back into to episode 2 – because the meerkat gangs are not that stable…
Constant updates are to be found on narrator Bill Nighy’s fanpage.

Naries refurbishes – South Africa, Namaqualand

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Just got the information from Annette in Naries, that a major renovation is underway at Naries! Not only are the current buildings refurbished, but there are also three new Luxury Mountain cabins, conference facilities and 4 new rooms near the farmhouse planned – raising the number of beds from 13 to 30! Naries will awake from this beauty sleep in April 2006 – in time of course for the flower season in Jul-Oct.

What a pity that Naries is so far away from here!

Kuangu Kuangu – Namibia, Sossusvlei

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There seems to be a beautiful addition to the lodges near Namib-Naukluft NP, Solitaire and Sossusvlei: Kuangu Kuango. It’s not a lodge, but rather a self-catering luxury cabin with real privacy. The landscape around there is stunning, and their website is mouth-watering. Will be on my to-go-list.

More info on confluence 28S/17E – Namibia, Oranjemund

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The Pitchers from Oranjemund sent me more information about this utterly remote place between Aussenkehr and Rosh Pinah I tried to visit on my 2005 trip to Namibia (as part of the degree confluence project):”We tried to visit this confluence about six months ago and followed the track through the old mining camp. The track followed the dry river bed and one was able to get within 3 km of the confluence. It appears that the confluence is in a very rugged area and some climbing would be required.”

Well, I was right not to try it last time, but maybe next time? The Pitchers included a link to their Atlantic Gem House, a beach cottage near Port Nolloth (RSA) – worth to check out the link!

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