Killer cats rule!

Why do cats eat some of the things they hunt and not others? Are some cats just not quick enough to catch a bird, or is hunt a manifestation of the cat’s personal freedom to choose her snack on her own? Well, here’s a non-comprehensive list:

  • Aisha hunts: Birds up to the size of a blackbird, mice of any size, shrews, grasshoppers (preferrably by first biting off one hind leg, so that it hops in circles, very funny), butterflies for the fun of it – but she just eats some of the birds and mice.
  • Alba hunts: birds if they are stupid enough, mice and shrews if they come too close to the house (not that she gets her paws dirty), blindworms in cool weather, and any kind of insects – but she just eats the insects.
  • And Jeff the Famous Killing Machine seems to hunt: Rodents, rabbits, steaks and recently a lizard – but no birds. No insects – or are they just too tiny for a decent meal? Well, luckily there are no rabbits around our house, Aisha would love them dearly.

What can we learn of this list? Probably that there are at least three kinds of motivation defining cat hunting behaviours:

  1. Size matters – the Jeff example
  2. Cats just wanna have fun – Aisha’s motto
  3. Lazy bugger – Alba

I just wonder what the hunting trigger for this Powerbook-eating monster is:

Giant ball of orange static

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