Meerkats – good news, sad news…

KMP_intro.gifSad news: Flower is dead. Bitten by a snake, and she couldn’t get over it. It’s sad to see her leave – though no one in my real live really cares (because no one watches pay TV?). The online community thinks differently… The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen – to use Cyndi’s words (or whoever it was…)
Good news: My latest venture is live: the website I created with/for the Kalahari Meerkat Project. It took some time in the making, it was enormously interesting because of all I learnt about meerkats, and it brought me to using Typo3 CMS – but don’t expect details about Flower, or any other Whiskers, for that matter. That’s censored information, until Meerkat Manor: Queen of the Kalahari, and Meerkat Manor 3 are screening, next autumn… Sorry ’bout that.

PS: Yes, will move to Typo3. Eventually. If I ever find the time. Click here for a preview.

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