What Bobby Killed

Did you read my post about Cats choosing their kills? Well, if Jeff’s hunting instincts left you stunned, please wake up for the sequel: What Bobby killed.

Bobby is the 2-year old tomcat of my colleague – a tiny little kitty. His recent prey was the following:

  • 1 seagull (alive)
  • 1 young (no baby, but halfgrown) wild duck (alive)
  • 3 grown-up ducks (alive)
  • 1 loaf of bread (dead)

The victims where caught on the riverbed (except for the bread, maybe), shoved up the riverbank, over a street, through the garden, and through a cat flap into the house.

Imagine this. I can’t.

I hope my colleague will find the webcam sequence of Bobby entering the flap with an adult duck.

PS: The birds survived unharmed, the bread didn’t.

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  1. With cats always remember, if you were smaller, you would be prey. We are only suffered because we can use the can opener (that whole opposable thumb thing). And that is the beauty of cats…they are simply smaller replicas of their larger cousins and refuse to be tamed. Love it.

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