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15-Sept-07: Mabua to Matopi

The next breakfast is spent with birds. I just know the crimson-breasted shrike from our stay with the meerkats. We start musing about bird names, since we only know a few of the birds. English bird names are always so imaginative. So we start inventing our own names for the birds we see and saw so far. Let me introduce you to: the Common Sand Wagtail, the Namibian Goldwing, the Yellow-throat kingfisher (rather a bird called Bokmakierie shrike?), the Red-headed Filibuster Shrike (commonly known as Redheaded Finch – I like our name better), the Kalahari Tree Penguin (some kind of black-and-white owl), the Red Googler (that’s a bulbul, I believe), the Bleached Robin, the Kalahari Red-Butt (or Chestnut-Vented Tit-Babbler – now this name that I found while compiling the website is really cool), the Kalahari Lesser Tree-king (“fence-king” is the translation of German Zaunkönig, or wren, and since there are no fences in Mabuasehube, it has to be a tree-king) … We should become ornithologists. Here and here a link to SA bird pictures, to start.

Around 9 am we leave Bosobogolo campsite to drive to Matopi (click here for details on road conditions). On the whole 75 km drive, we see one gemsbok and one steenbok. But the drive is astonishingly beautiful. The flora of the Kalahari consists of maybe 30 or 50 main plant species, and they stay the same everywhere. But the composition changes after each new dune. Just the Kalahari colours of yellow grass, ochre sand, lime green shepherds trees, dark green acacias, red dry foliage, brown shrubs. And blue sky. Not much to see, but one of the more beautiful drives I’ve done so far.

We arrive at the Matopi campsite (click here for details) around noon, a bit less than 3 hrs for the 75 km. The campsite consists of a sign and a shepherds tree. We spend the afternoon reading, JJ in his hammock. There’s not much wildlife around, but also here there is a resident yellow mongoose. Seems they come with the campsites.

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Mabua to Matopi

Mabua to Matopi

Mabuasehube to Matopi

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