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last updated: 30-Jul-2005

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Panorama pictures I - Kunene Region

Many Namibian landscapes are of an endless vastness. We consider this beautiful, others consider it boring. Anyway, pictures taken there never come close to the memories of the same places, because the camera cannot capture this vastness. In a nimble approach to come a bit closer to the real beauty of Namibia, here a few panoramic pictures.... Sorry for the time it takes to load them, but I believe they are worth it.

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The view from our Camp Site at Van Zyl's Pass early morning. The pretty yellow flowers have the nasty name Devil's Thorn.

Marienflusstal in the heat of the day - no fairies in the fairy circles today.

Sunrise at the Kunene River, near Camp Syncro in the Marienflusstal. The crocs are not yet awake.

Sunrise at the "Kaoko Camp", a little bit South of Blue Drum. A fox and a gemsbok had just wished a good morning.

The Hoarusib River East of Purros, seen from a hill. Take a tour with one of the guys from the Purros Campsite.


7Myl Pass between Palmwag and Twyfelfontein.

Burnt Mountain

The Twyfelfontein Rock Art Arena - site of countless San Rock Paintings

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